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GS360° provides a complete solution to implementing 360° appraisals in your organisation, solving the administrative and logistical challenges associated with 360° appraisals. 

Select your competencies from a comprehensive list (see below) or fully customise and align the questionnaire to your requirements.

Available in multiple languages.

GS360° assists in determining the optimum development journey for any employee, supporting enhanced self-awareness and an understanding of perceptual gaps, which can fast-track career growth. 

Two modes of deployment:

  • Talent Eye implements the full process through its talent management consultancy services  OR

  • Talent Eye sets you up with your own GS360° system and your organisation implements the full process, at a lower cost

Both methods allow you to create high value, credible, accurate and scientific 360° surveys.

The output provides perspective into an individual's brand within the organisation and helps identify perceptual gaps between what they see as their personal brand and what others around them are observing from day to day.

GS360° Competencies

Screenshot 2022-05-13 17.04.33.png
Screenshot 2022-05-13 17.04.45.png
Screenshot 2022-05-13 17.04.59.png
Screenshot 2022-05-13 17.05.36.png

There are numerous reports available for no additional fee, including an extended report, feedback report, development planning forms and spreadsheet results.  Results are visual and practical.

All reports can be anonymised. 

We also offer face-to-face feedback by our experienced facilitators that serve as a powerful coaching conversation based on the 360° results.  

Please get in contact for further information and sample reports.

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