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Why Talent Eye?

The name Talent Eye came to me whilst on a hiking trip on the Massif du Canigó , in the French Pyrenees.

I had been completely transfixed by the flight of a golden eagle. It had majestically soared to unimaginable heights, gracefully circled for hours buoyed by the warm air currents which supported its enormous soft brown wings.  And then suddenly, there was a sleek swoop back down to earth to catch its prey, utterly imperceptible to the human eye.


The eagle never took its eyes off the ground, never lost its focus and when it spied something it wanted, its sheer determination, speed, accuracy and commitment to deliver inspired me.


When I formed Talent Eye soon afterwards I remembered the flight of that eagle.


Talent Eye shows the same determination, accuracy and commitment to deliver.

Not only in identifying and recruiting talent but also in its ability to train and support others to fulfil their potential and to soar to heights they never dared to imagine they could.

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