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Online Training

Psychometric tests are carefully designed and powerful tools. They provide objective assessments of psychological attributes that are meaningful for work performance.

Using tests to inform people related strategies and decisions can significantly enhance individual, team and organisational performance.

But those benefits can only be achieved if tests are used competently.

Choosing the right tool with the right properties for the right job is as important in test use as in any trade. As is the use of those tools effectively, professionally, and ethically.

As responsible test providers, Talent Eye partners with Podium to ensure our test users have the competence to do that well.


For those with no prior test user qualification or experience, we can offer a range of accessible and achievable training options.

EFPA Level 1

This e-learning course takes you on a learning journey which will qualify you for the BPS/EFPA Assistant Test User (ATU) Certificate.
Introducing you to the science of psychology that sits behind testing the course will help you understand the importance of the individual differences in psychological attributes which describe us all, help you understand how to choose which test to use, options for delivering that test to test takers and how to understand and use the results effectively. We’ll provide an ethical framework to ensure your test practice is fair and inclusive.
Typical time for completion is approx. 6 hours

This e-learning course builds on the foundations laid in the above course. Successful completion of EFPA Level 1 is a prerequisite for this programme. The course is designed to ensure success in gaining the BPS / EFPA Certificates of Competence in Occupational Testing: Test User Ability (TUA) & Test User Personality (TUP) [once known as BPS Level A and B]. These qualifications remain the ‘gold standard’ for workplace psychometric test user training. Responsible test providers allow access only to competent users. These certificates are widely recognised as evidence of that competence.

Based on a continuous assessment model, each e-learning module is accompanied by a worksheet or practical task. Guidance is given for how to complete each element as we build knowledge step by step within each module. In this way, you will be eligible for your TUA & TUP Certificates immediately on completion of the final module.

EFPA Level 2

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