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Talent Assessment & Development Centre Exercises

We design bespoke exercises specifically aligned to your organisation’s culture, context and assessment process. 


We also have an extensive catalogue of ready to use, well researched and high quality business simulations which can either be used as they are or can be customised to suit the needs of your organisation.


The exercises are designed to ensure the most reliable insight into how prospective candidates will perform once in the role and how to increase their success within it.

The exercises are available offline and online.


Find out more


  • Contact Us to receive a list of the library of ready to use exercises

  • Train to use Talent Assessment and Development Centres Exercises – Behavioural Assessment Training Course

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Third Party Products

We also have access to a wide range of external assessment and development tools, including virtual assessment centres, personality questionnaires and ability tests.

Talent Eye has strategic partnerships with leading test publishers allowing our clients to benefit from preferential rates and local expertise. 

Take a look at our Partnerships page for further information.

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